Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charles & Thomas

Let me explain, lest you become confused, I speak of Charles and Thomas the fish, not Charles and Thomas the boys.

Yesterday Charlie brought home two goldfish and a bowl. We thought that since our home is so "Nemo-ed" that some real fish could be fun. Charles was very excited, as was Thomas (who would really like to eat them). We asked Charles what their names were, and he kept saying "onge one, back one" (they are orange and black). So we rephrased the question: "once upon a time there were two goldfish, their names were..." (this might be how we tell stories before bed). He got it right away, "Dah-mas". Oh, we're naming our fish Thomas. And what is the black one's name? "Da-woes" (Charles). I was fully expecting them to be "Nemo" and "Dori", but, hey! Charles and Thomas are great names! I should know.

I am pretty sure we will wake up one day and one fish will be eaten. It seems like everyone I know who has had fish has had that experience. I'm not sure what kind of chaos that will cause in our household.

So far Charles and Thomas just swim around in their bowl. I feel kind of sorry for them. There's not a lot to do on our mantle. I guess they have a good view of everything that goes on in the family room. They also eat peas. Charlie didn't buy fish food because he figured he could just look up what they eat on the internet. Turns out they can eat peas, and pretty much any other kind of table food. Except, if you want to feed them lettuce, you have to boil it first, and that seems like a lot of work for fish. Even if they are named Charles and Thomas.


Mom said...

Charles and Thomas are good strong names anyway! We have some friends, Don and Patty, who have a goldfish that has lived to be 9 years old. I'm sure that is a record for a goldfish! I'll enjoy being kept updated about the two of them. Charles and Thomas (the fish), but even more so with Charles and Thomas (the boys). (This may get confusing!) Give the boys a hug and kiss for us!!

be_a_Mary said...

What a cute story! I love it.

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