Friday, June 09, 2006


So I ran out to Costco last night after Charlie got home (well, I drove). And when I came home Charles ran up to me: "Mee-mo down dwain! Fish with Meemo!" (Nemo). What? What happened to the fish? "With Mee-mo!'

It seems that Charles the Fish passed on sometime between his semi-weekly feed at 3:00pm this afternoon (I looked in the bowl and figured they could use a new pea - the last one being from Monday night) and this evening. I guess I overfed them. Charlie said his belly was bloated. They flushed him.

And Charles thinks his fish is with Nemo, down the drain to the ocean. Hey, it works. Only it's so cute because instead of saying "drain", he says, "dweam". So what he really said was "fish down dweam".

I am officially not feeding the fish anymore. I will let Charlie decide what to do with that. Maybe "he" was pregnant and having a hard pregnancy, or Charlie thought maybe Thomas the fish beat him up. Really, one pea in three days doesn't seem to constitute overfeeding.

Oh well, I hope Thomas doesn't get lonesome. Maybe it was all part of his plan.

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alisha said...

So sorry to hear about Charles the fish. I hope that Thomas the fish is not too lonely. :) At least Charles is now swimming with Nemo!!

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