Friday, May 06, 2011

Motherhood should come with...

I'm participating in five minute Friday over at Gypsy Mama.  Here's how it goes:

Let’s play Five Minute Friday.
Where we throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. Without wondering if it’s just right or not.
For five minutes flat. The rules are easy.
  1. Write your heart out for five minutes and show us what you’ve got.
  2. Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to play along.
  3. And most importantly, go visit, read, and encourage the fellow five-minuter who linked up right before you.
    {Pretty please turn off word verification for the day to make this easier!}
"motherhood should come with:"
...a practice child
the wisdom of Solomon
a nursing degree
32 hour days
no-calorie snacks
a photographic memory, because I'm already forgetting...

how tiny newborn diapers are.  little baby noises.  which of my children said what word first.  how sweet cuddling in bed (often before daylight) is.  the cute little phrases they say.  when they lost their first teeth.  when they got their first teeth.  the way they reacted when they saw their first life-size train or ate their first ice cream or ....  STOP!


Kari said...

Isn't that the truth. How easy it is to forget all those little things.

The Farmer Files said...

A practice child! What a beautiful idea! It is so brilliant it made me laugh!

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