Monday, May 02, 2011

Menu Plan Monday! 5/2-5/7

So here's a question:  what are your favorite meals for bringing to families?  I'm interested.  Okay, I'm dying to know.  Tell me tell me tell me.

One of my close friends just had her fourth baby and I'm on the list for dinner tonight.  I've decided on taco salad, cornbread, and watermelon, but I want to know what others do.  This is an area I would like to get better at.

This week's meals?

Monday:  taco salad
Tuesday: out
Wednesday: beans and rice (I had them on the plan last week, but forgot to buy beans, help me)
Thursday: Bowtie Lasagna
Friday: Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
Saturday:  Grilled Chicken

And for breakfast, I just found a recipe for S'mores Muffins.  And since s'mores seem to be a theme at our house lately, see S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oven S'mores, I might as well give them a shot.

Also, my mom is visiting, so we should probably make strawberry cupcakes again, especially since ginormous strawberries are sold just down the street.

Here's a link to my blank menu if you'd like to print it up and make your own menu plan.

Here's my menu plan on Scribd if you'd like to print it up and use it!  (a very easy option!!!)
Weekly Menu Plan May 2-8

This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday!

And don't forget to tell me your fave meals for taking to families!


Candace said...

I'm not very good at being creative about bringing dinner to people in need (actually I'm nervous very time). I tend to go the crock pot route, so there is enough for my family too, or else something that can easily be reheated any time. Here are some of my go to meals for moms. Pulled pork sandwiches, crock pot chili, lasagna, and chicken tortilla soup.

Made meal plan and shopped this morning, so here it is.
Mon - southwestern chicken wraps, chips, and pineapple
Tues - burritos
Wed - panko crusted pork chops, pasta salad
Thurs - crock pot beef stroganoff

Christy said...

I think I got my chicken tortilla soup recipe from you! Thanks for your ideas, Candace!

Anonymous said...

A week late...but my current favorite meal to bring to families is chicken enchiladas, rice and beans. I have also recently brought pork roast and mashed potatoes, and a few times in the distant past, cranberry chicken and wild rice. Whatever the meal, brownies are a staple :). I am often unsure what to bring and have wished for a cookbook of dishes that travel and reheat well, for just this purpose!

The bowtie lasagna was a success :).

Thanks for the encouragement...Kelli

Christy said...

hmmm, Kelli, maybe we should get on that cookbook idea...?

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