Saturday, May 14, 2011

Behavior Modification, Part 2

This is Bernadette.  She's all ready for school with her reader and her three marshmallows!  Looks like someone did her reading today!!!

(Not familiar with the Three Marshmallows and a Reader philosophy?, see my half-joking post on Behavior Modification here.)  Basically, instead of focusing on what our children don't do well - we focus on what they can do. 

So instead of saying something like:  "if you don't sit up and do your reading you'll sit in your bedroom for 18 hours straight."  I say, "hey, when you have a good attitude and do your reading you will earn three marshmallows!"

This change of focus really helps me and my sanity.  It gets me thinking past the usual consequences.  It gives me some tools so I don't become angry and frustrated.  Two things I don't like to be.

I should add:  not all children respond to marshmallows.  I have been thinking of switching to stickers myself, but don't think my boys would be motivated to do their reading by a sticker.  Unless it was a pirate sticker. That said "Aaarg!"  Or a sticker that did somersaults and cartwheels.  That would be something.

See Behavior Modification, Part 1.

Special thanks to FunMom Kelli for the photo!!!!


Gaby said...

I ask Isabel to name her prize and we write it down (ice cream, lollipop), then each time she reads a whole book we write down the title in a chart. When she reaches book number five, TA DA! Prize.
Pavlov would be proud...

Anonymous said...

"FunMom Kelli" thanks you for the inspiration! I also like Gaby's idea :)

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