Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"What's For Dinner?" Wednesday

The reason I do my meal planning on Wednesday is because the store ads come out on Tuesday and I do my grocery shopping Wednesday nights (without kids).  So, I save money by buying the meats and poultry on sale in the ads, and by not having children with me - since, on occasion, they can serve to distract me from my money-saving mission.  Only on occasion.

In my meal planning worksheet, I've included a "daily events" row so I can write down any activities that may affect a meal.  For instance, on Friday nights we go to Bible study, so I usually make an easy dinner.  Every other Tuesday we go to a homeschool co-op, so I pack a lunch.

I spent an insane amount of time this week trying to make up a planning worksheet that anyone can print off this website, but alas, have hit several brick walls (and have quite a headache now!).  So for now I'm just going to do what I did last week - but I have a super-cute worksheet that someday I'll have available for anyone.

Blank Menu-scribd Edition

Menu Mar17 23 Scribd Edition                                                                                                   

I have somehow managed to get my very basic, blank menu here so you can print it up if you would like to. But do tell me what's on the menu this week? At least one fun recipe you're excited to make.

Oh, and last week I made both the butterflied chicken and the slow cooker chicken. Each of these recipes required me to prep a whole chicken - which, between you and me, is quite a feat. I want to throw myself a party every time I manage to reach inside the cavity and pull out the innards; then again when I actually break bones and whatever is required for the remaining prep. Ewww. (I know, I'm such a city girl) But I did it both times and both times the recipe was awesome. I should clarify, due to my oven being new and somewhat "special" - so that each time I cook I have to continually check on whatever's in there and readjust temps and shelf levels -the butterflied chicken wasn't quite right. A bit dry in places, but well-cooked in others. I'll just say, that wasn't the recipe's fault, but mine.  (Also, if you make the slow-cooker chicken, I might serve it with rice instead of noodles next time, but my boys loved it with the noodles too.)

Also, you'll notice that Pioneer Woman's meatloaf is on our plan again for this week. That's because I felt yucky one night so Charlie made an impromptu dinner of hamburgers so I could rest. He really is quite wonderful.

I was going to do a few more meatless dishes this week.  But I forgot while I was planning.  Oh well.


Stephanie said...

love this! Also...I'm totally grossed out by whole chickens...*shudder

Candace said...

I stole your slow cooker chicken recipe for Tues night, as that is a crock pot night. I used some chicken from Fresh and Easy that was already cut into sections, so I just peeled the skin (still gross). It was really good and even the kids ate it! I tend to make my menu on the weekend so I'll keep you posted. This last week it was calzones, the chicken, hamburgers, and corned beef, veg chili tonight. I also seem to only plan for dinner and sometimes forget about sides.

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