Thursday, March 10, 2011

"What's For Dinner?" Wednesday

I've been thinking how wonderful it would be if I could have my very own fairy for planning and making dinners.
BUT...I don't think fairies exist.  At least, they don't at my house.  Unless they're me (aka: Tooth Fairy).  So that idea is right out.
And since I don't have my own fairy, maybe we could all be each other's fairy.
I need to start coming up with a meal plan every week anyway, so I'll do it on Wednesdays and post it here.  Then you can check it out.  Say to yourself, "hmmm, I wonder what Christy is making for dinner...I'll just bop on over to her website and find out."  If it sounds scrum-didly-umptious, you can make it too.
Or, even better (and here's where this gets really good), you tell me what you're making.
I intend for this to evolve as we go, but here we go anyway.
Weekly Menu Plan

Above, you should see my weekly menu plan. If you don't, then I don't know what to tell you except, let's try again next week! You should also be able to print it out but, again, this is my first time at this.

I'll also try to post a link to the same thing as a Google doc, let's hope for the best here!
My Weekly Menu Plan: March 9-15
So maybe next week I'll have a blank menu plan for you to print up in case you want to use it for your meals. And maybe more explanations and links to recipes. And maybe even a way for you to link your website to the post if you want to share your meal plan. Help me, I might be getting way ahead of myself here.
* oh, and if a recipe is starred, that means I haven't made it before. So if you try it and it's no good, don't blame me.


Christy said...

Note: the GoogleDoc has links to some of the recipes. The Scribd one doesn't, but I think it looks nicer if you wanted to print it.

Anonymous said...

Good work Christy! I am very impressed! I see you are serving Pioneer Woman meatloaf on Tuesday and I would suggest that Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes are a must with that! I have made them a few times and they have been a hit. I look forward to reading your menus and being inspired. - Kelli

Amy said...

I like this! I have been lazy in the meal planning dept. for too long!! Maybe this will help me get with it again.

Anonymous said...

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, (biscuits or muffins on days I have time)

Lunch: peanut butter/honey sandwiches, apples, oranges, carrots, yogurt, crackers and cheese or peanut butter, Leftovers and salad for mom and dad

Dinner: Thurs: Chili and cornbread muffins, Fri: Breakfast for dinner (eggs, skillet potatoes, pancakes with sugar and cinnamon)
Sat: Tacos and steamed brocc. Sun: Left over Tacos

snacks are fruit, cereal, leftover muffins or biscuits

don't have anymore planned till Sunday.

Anonymous said...

love this idea, looking forward to getting some yummy recipes and ideas.

Jennifer said...

FUN, Christy! I am always wanting IDEAS. Here's our dinner line-up (seeing that's the hard part):
W- Angel Chicken (Crockpot- chicken w/a white sauce
TH- Ground Beef, barley and veggie stew (Crockpot)
F- Pita pizzas
S- Chicken and orzo skillet
SU- Church provides spaghetti
M- Asian pork (Crockpot)
T- "Chicken Curry in a Hurry"

Big chicken week, I guess! Missed the fish. And, I gotta bump Saturday, because I need to provide a meal for the neighbors. Gotta think of something super kid-friendly and portable!

Anonymous said...

I love when I'm dedicated enough to menu plan. It is so nice to not have to think about what is for dinner. Maybe next week. You'll love this - I BBQ'd tri tip during nap time on Tues because it a run around evening and i knew I wouldn't have time at night. worked out great!

Did I see popcorn in the menu?

Christy said...

OK, Candace, you BBQ'd? I don't even know how to do that. and yes, popcorn is kind of a Sunday night staple. Probably can't really be considered a "meal", but I do!

Christy said...

I can see we're going to have to figure out a way for recipes to be shared. I want to know how you all MAKE these foods too!

Anonymous said...

yes, totally need a way to share recipes!

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