Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mischief Maker and the New Me

I got glasses before I started second grade.  I hated them within two weeks.  School started and my little friend (who was a boy) yelled down the hall: "Ewww!  What happened to you!?"  Who wants glasses when they hear that?

Say to anyone who doesn't like their glasses, "Why don't you like your glasses?  You look great to me!" and they will tell a story similar to that one.

I relate this story that you may know how very excited I was to get contacts in the 7th grade.  No more teasing and taunting and "four eyes" and general trials of glasses-wearing.  (and they are numerous, those trials, let me tell you).

And I relate all of the above that you may understand what happened today.  Today Daniel, my two-year-old, wandered away from us for a bit.  How long will it take me to learn that when a toddler is quiet for longer than two seconds he is most likely doing something wrong?  Apparently he went to my bathroom and washed his hands.  That in itself can be quite an adventure for him.  He saw my contact case sitting innocently on the counter.  And he opened it and washed it.  And my contacts were in it.

When I found the case I took it to him and asked where my contacts were.  He happily led me to the sink and showed me the drain.

This is what I'm thankful for:  I didn't get angry with him. I remembered that he's two.   I said, "Please don't touch Mommy's contacts."  Some people might argue that he needs a consequence, but I was comfortable with a gentle reprimand.  He didn't know he was doing something wrong.  That was clearly evidenced as he pranced happily to the sink.  I reminded myself that I shouldn't have left the case in plain view, I should have hid it somewhere very sneaky.

Two children ago I probably would have been MeanMom in this situation.  I don't like who I was then.  I like myself better now.  The more children I have, the more I like who I become.  I'm thankful that God has brought me here.  That he has taught me a little about anger and a little about children.

And here's what else I'll be thankful for:  a chance to work on my vanity.  I've come a little way since childhood and don't hate my glasses anymore, but it will still be a good lesson for me. 


Alex said...

Man, Christy, I just found this blog and I love it already. Nice blog!

Christy said...

Thanks Alex, glad you like it!

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