Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can FunMom Make a Grocery Store Appearance?

We are in Costco.  Me and my entourage of children.  Grace in the front carrier, Daniel in the cart and the big boys trailing behind - trying to knock each other over and generally being quite boyish.  What are they saying?  "Mom, can we get that? Mom, can we try that?"  What am I saying?  "No, not today."

Thomas has invented a new way to ask for things which makes me seem less mean, and probably makes him less disappointed: "Mom, can we buy that someday?"  Most of the time I can say yes to that one.

Nonetheless, here we are on our Costco trip and although I am saying "no" kindly and explaining why: "we already have your granola bars, goldfish, and peanut butter pretzels, those are all the treats we really should buy."  I don't feel very fun.  I feel quite un-fun, actually.

So, totally uncharacteristic of me, I start brainstorming on how Costco can be more fun for them, with me saying "no" less.  Are you ready for this?  I give them a price range, maybe under $8, and each time we come to Costco they can take turns choosing something special.  A food item that I don't usually get.  Also, it can't be candy.  I don't want an $8 pack of Skittles or something in my pantry, that would maybe be too fun - if there is such a thing.

I haven't tried this out yet, but I'm hopeful it will be a good thing.

Fun can be simple!

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Clarissa. said...

My boys loved going to costco with me. It was always super-fun for them because I let them try every single last sample and then we picked one of our favorite sampled items to purchase. They called it going to costco for appletizers!

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