Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keep the little one happy

As a last resort on our drive home from the Central Coast to see Charlie's family, Daniel was the recipient of a chocolate lollipop. His hair also received some of the candy, along with his entire face, and his hands up to his elbows, and the list goes on. Note the madness of his hair: that's matted lollipop. When I handed him a wipey to see what he would do, he dutifully wiped his knee. So effective!

Of course, a picture doesn't do it justice, but there is a lot of stickiness on that little body - trust me!


cabcree said...

somehow I missed this post. this pic is too funny

Anonymous said...

Amazing how one lollipop can buy so much time for a little one, and sanity for the parents!

Daniel is just too cute!

Love, Kelli

Mustard Seeds said...

Love it. :)

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