Friday, October 09, 2009

Free Museum Day, Part II

We did participate in the Smithsonian's "free museum day", and went to the Sacramento Zoo. I was able to talk Mom into accompanying me, a wonderful treat, especially since Charlie is working weekends right now.

We went early, getting there at 9:20 - because a) the baby is in peak performance mode at that time and b) it was 102 degrees that day and c) we generally operate on the principle that when doing things with the public, earlier is better. "The public" doesn't tend to get up that early on Saturdays - while little people, on the other hand, are always up early. (at least, our little people).

I am loving having big boys. We watched an animal show, and look at how intent they are on what the girl was saying! At the end she said she'd stick around so kids could get a closer look at the animals. I ignored that, picked up the baby, and said brightly, "okay! let's go see the reptile house!" Charles looked at me as if I had suggested going straight to bed without supper, "but, she said we could get a closer look at the animals!" I quickly backed down and we stuck around to check those animals out.

I just enjoy two boys who are aware of what's going on. Granted, it's not always easy to explain things, buy it's fun getting to interact and teach more, rather than just direct.
Charles got a closer look! He pet a turtle and a snake and a, um, I can't remember the other word for porcupine...
Daniel, making his "cheese" face.
Charles and Thomas in front of the jaguars, or leopards, or something. I think they look like leopards, but distinctly remember there being a jaguar sign. Maybe they're in the same family...I'm so wise when it comes to animals. It's a good thing we went to the zoo and learned so much!

I remember, he also got to pet a hedgehog! (not exactly a porcupine, or they probably wouldn't have let him pet it.)

Anyway, we had a blast. The Sacramento Zoo is perfect for little guys because it doesn't take 12 hours to see everything. Just when everyone is getting worn out, you're done!!

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