Tuesday, September 01, 2009

School Days for Mom

I went to school tonight. That's right, "adult education". I never thought when I graduated with my degree in literature that I'd be going back to study bookkeeping, but here I am.

I've taken a few courses on Quickbooks, but when we saw this course offered on actual bookkeeping, we decided I should jump on it.

I don't really have a lot to say about it. I look forward to challenging my mind, and to learning more on being the financial expert in our home...hee hee. But for a lot of the class tonight I thought of the boys. And missed them. Isn't that funny? I'm with them sooooo much of my time, and when I get a little time off by myself I'm thinking of them.

It is interesting to remember that there is a whole people-group who goes out after 8. Amazing. Something I sometimes forget. Also interesting to note the people in my class and what their lives might be like.

Like the lady in the front row who is currently in rehab (for what?, I don't know - but she did mention rehab several times to the whole class). Who spent a good 15 minutes of the class time arguing about why the law can't be changed if someone has a specification in their will. As in: "...but, if it's in a person's will, what does the law have to do with it?..." And the instructor tried to explain about lawyers and wills and why wills must be written according to the law, not just made up without regard for the law. This concept, sadly, was not understood.

She then spent a further 10 minutes of class time seeking educational counsel from the instructor:

specific question: "why do the classes I need conflict?"
helpful instructor: "which classes conflict?"
rehab lady: "I don't remember, but they do and I need to get this certificate quickly so I can get a job..." and on and on for another 10 minutes.

That might have been the "unproductive" portion of the class.

Anyway, I look forward to knowing more about accounting, and maybe learning a little more about my friend in rehab too. Hmm, did I say maybe learning more about my rehab friend? Judging from what I learned tonight, we might be able to count on a life story before the semester is over.


Larissa said...

Oh boy! You sound like you have a lot more patience than I do. I become a crabby crabster when people waste time in class. My Type A personality comes out.

I hope you learn a lot in your class and that it is helpful to you!

I want to take a community ed course this fall on curries. Defnitely not the same level as accounting!

Christy said...

...but I think a class on curries would be decidedly more fun!

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