Saturday, August 22, 2009

Red Lights

Today was a wonderful day. I had the boys and we drove up to Yuba City (about an hour's drive) to see Charlie's aunt and uncle. We had a blast, but due to all kinds of factors - none of my boys got an afternoon nap. After an hour of swimming and fun times eating and playing with Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary, we were worn out. So we piled in the van and began the hour-long drive home.

Did you ever have a "green light" day? I have. I love those days. When fate is on your side, the gods are working for you, love is in the air, and you are not going to be late because every single light on earth is green when you arrive at the line. Those are good days.

I can't really remember having a "red light" day. Not once. But I think that's what I would call today. Before driving up to Yuba City we had an unusual amount of driving to do, and even the lights we hit this morning were red....

...but you should have seen the lights we hit tonight! The two littlest boys took a short nap and were awake and fussing. Charles was sweetly trying to calm Daniel down. And I was dutifully trying to get home. But I don't think the stars were properly aligned or something.

I have never in my life hit so many red lights. Not ever. Even those little neighborhood lights that never turn red - you know, the ones where one car exits the neighborhood every two hours? Those ones turned red. Fire station lights turned red. Lights that had just turned green turned red. It was insane.

But I didn't freak out. Because I was onto God, oh yes, I knew that just this morning I had prayed for patience. So I got some practice today. (note to self: don't pray for that again anytime soon.)

Anyway, my sweet mom saved the day by driving over and meeting me and the tired little children in the driveway when we got home. And she helped me get everyone into bed peaceably. Wonderful.


be_a_Mary said...

such a great description--red light days. i can't recall lately having one, but i'm sure i have before. YAY that you mustered up patience!! YAY that you had perspective during! thanks Lord.

The Wintons said...

Dear Christy,
How funny that you were in Yuba City on Saturday, Randy and the boys were there giving a concert! Too bad we didn't know sooner. Have a blessed day, your family is beautiful.

Love in Christ,
Lisa Winton

Aly-Rae said...

Ah yes, I'm always very careful when I pray for patience. That and humility, that one's even rougher. Those two always get answered IMMEDIATELY.

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