Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And on the 9th day she ate!!!

Luckily I did my reading, and according to those who have done this Master Cleanse, you shouldn't just go out and eat everything you've been missing (like popcorn, pizza, and cheeseburgers...or whatever), because your tummy will rebel.

So I was a good girl and started out the ninth morning with o.j. Do you want to know how good o.j. tastes after 8 days of nothing but lemonade tonic? oh so good. I was supposed to drink o.j. all day and then mid-morning tomorrow make a vegetable soup. Then you're not even supposed to eat the soup, just sip the broth.

Around midafternoon is when I rebelled and actually ate the soup. It was lovely. I spent the rest of the day nursing various foods. I ate a couple of tortilla chips (sooo not on the list). Every time I ate my stomach got grumbly, but nothing major. I suspect it was just getting used to having food around again. I did eat some popcorn. But very slowly. Maybe one small bowlful. Mostly I dutifully ate vegetable soup.

Can I confess something a little off subject? Around day 2 I started getting stomach cramps...wanna know what? In Bali a missionary recommended that we take some pills every few months to kill the worms that could possibly be in the water...when we left, I had everyone take the pills, but I didn't since I was already pregnant with Daniel and I couldn't actually understand the label on the pills. Who knows what chemicals might be used to kill worms?

Anyway, all I could think when my stomach cramped was that it was an angry gargantuan worm who had thrived in my body for two years. And that any second it would make it's way up my throat and out to the light!!!!

I've heard of that happening, but I'm pretty sure it's bogus.

Anyway, it didn't happen to me.

And that's what I have to say about that.

(If you're interested in more info, check out this site. Nikki gives a personable and thorough look at what one experiences on this detox. I also found a few forums through searches while I was doing the detox.)


Annecourager said...

Christy's Science Experiment on Her Body!

Thanks for all the details. Do you think it was worth it, physically? It sounds like spiritually it was helpful.

Christy said...

Hmmm, nothing amazing happened that would prove (to me anyway) that I am now "detoxed". But, I did lose weight, and it was good for me to refocus...so it wasn't a total bust.

I do have to say, I won't do it again, and there are definitely other ways to lose weight!!!

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