Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bishop Creek Canyon Fire

Hey all. Charlie and I spent the first four years of our lives together at a wonderful place in the Sierra Nevadas called Cardinal Village. We met there, fell in love there, and worked there throughout our engagement and first three years of marriage.

I just found out that Cardinal and the neighboring community of Aspendell are under mandatory evacuation due to a forest fire. Our dear friends the Cluffs own this wonderful fishing lodge that has served as a base for YWAM and is now a favorite vacation spot for so many families.

Pray with us that the fire service can get this fire contained before it reaches Aspendell or Cardinal. And pray for the Cluffs (Ken & ShaleAnn and their boys - Ezra, Asher, & Aidan; and Ken's parents, Hal & Barbara), who not only rely on this lodge for their family's livelihood, but also provide jobs to several others.

To our family who reads this blog, most of you have met the Cluffs and know what great friends they are and how selfless they are with the gifts God has given them. Please pray!

Click here for more info on the fire.Ezra, Charles, Aidan, Thomas and Asher during a visit in November. If I here had to write all that the Cluffs mean to us and have done for us, it would take me all night. Suffice it to say, they are very dear friends who have been so generous to so many people-ourselves included.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie...
Fire looks like it is moving away from Aspendell...YAH!!!
Susan J @ 102 Cardinal

Christy said...

Good news on the fire front: the Cluffs were able to return to Cardinal Village yesterday afternoon (Monday). Please continue to keep them and the staff in your prayers as a terrible tragedy occured while they were waiting for fire news in Bishop.

be_a_Mary said...

Oh my!! Im so sorry I didn't follow up with you about this today. I hadn't yet read your blog. I hope they are doing ok. I know they are dear friends of yours.

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