Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flip-Flop Sale @ Old Navy

I was shopping at Old Navy (rarely get out looking for clothes these days...) and, the salesgirl told me that this coming Saturday (the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend) all flip-flops in the store will be $1! That's right, $1.

I just poked around on their website, and didn't see anything alluding to this sale. Maybe it's local. Maybe the salesgirl was lying, but I'll be at Old Navy this Saturday just to make sure. Thought you might want to be there too.

(On another note: for Mother's Day Charlie gave me the best present ever. Some mula and some time to go get some clothes. Kid free! Which was particularly wonderful because I left all of my summer clothes in Bali when we lived there. It was winter and we didn't have enough room amongst all of the product we were bringing back. Not such an issue last year when I was pregnant and wearing maternity clothes but... it's getting insanely hot and my jeans were NOT working anymore. So now I have a few pairs of shorts and I'm feeling much more functional. Thank you Charlie!)


Aly-Rae said...

I am SO there, thanx for the heads up. I expect to see some pics of yours. Wouldn't that be funny if we got the same ones? HA!

Clarissa. said...

I think you should add this - "I left all of my summer clothes in Bali." to your list of Things I Never Thought I Would Say. Really, it is a good one.

Sharleen said...

I weathered the storm today! I was there early, BUT so was everyone else! Sheesh... there had to have been hundreds of flip-flop shoppers scurrying about. The line literally zig-zagged around the store four times. It was ridiculous, no INSANE, but quite entertaining too. I managed to walk out with 9 pairs; limit was 5 per person. Thanks, to the kind lady in front of me who offered to psuedo-buy the "other" four pair as her own (for me). (All this for the sake of saving a few dollars.) The best part of the whole experience is not that the kids have flip-flops in every color. IT was watching the "guy" customers walk-in and turn right back around to avoid the sale frenzy. I must have laughed a dozen times. Yay, flip-flops!

Christy said...

Okay, the exact words of the salesgirl who told me about the sale: "The crowd is not that bad."

What? Go Sharleen! We got there early too, but I had all three boys in tow and after about 10 minutes in line, I opted NOT to wait in line that long. (My favorite was one guy's question to his wife, "How much are they normally?") I guess I'll just have to get them a pair of full-price flip-flops

I did go back later in the day...there was ONE pair of women's flip-flops. And two carts-full of navy blue 8/9 boys. Too bad my boys aren't that size anymore.

Aly, I hope you got some!

Clarissa, no kidding. Along with, "take your fork out of your nose"!

Aly-Rae said...

After some forethought I opted out. I would gladly pay the extra buck fifty to avoid the chaos. I value my time and sanity at least that much.
I'll admit, I had a few moments Saturday morning when I was tempted to make a run for it but given the time of month it is for me under those circumstances I would have lost my Jesus.

Christy said...

and we don't want you to lose Him, He's very important.

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