Friday, October 17, 2008

Tools and Family Outings

One night last week I got to go out with my sister-in-law Alisha. Okay, we were shopping for a baby shower gift. Not exactly a night on the town, but very fun none-the-less, and totally kidless. Well, almost kidless, we did have a very small baby who almost doesn't count, he's so small. I also had my first taste of Panda Express (not super healthy, but super delish), and my boys got to have a night out with Dad.

They have been all about tools lately, so Charlie took them to the Dollar Store (one of our favorite stops) where they found lots of tools. Hammers, nails, screwdrivers (a pack of five for....$1!!!), nuts and bolts, etc. Then they came home and got to practice. Man were they excited.

Charles already has his requests in for his birthday. (Which isn't until December, but these kids start planning early).

Thomas intently working with his new screwdriver.

Charles is so excited to have real tools!

Incidentally, if you were looking for a fun idea for a family outing, here's one:
- Give everyone a dollar, draw or assign names, and buy a gift for that family member at the ole' dollar store.
- Give everyone a dollar, have them buy a food item, and go home and have a "party" with all the fun foods
- Give everyone a dollar and let them buy something for themselves. you can see, there are endless variations. (although you may be less prone to look to me for ideas when you find out that last night we were terribly excited to all be together at Costco eating hot dogs. It's been a very busy couple of months for Charlie, and that is not the status quo for an outing. We'd all prefer doing something outside...but you take what you can get.)

Anyone else have any interesting, cheap family outing ideas?


Sharleen said...

I love the idea that you are encouraging and raising your boys to be handy with tools. (Their wives will thank you one day.) GO BOYS!

Veenker Family said...

Hey Christy! I think you guys should move back here, the boys look ready to go to work with Steve, they would love it! Thank you so much for your WANTED advice! I actually tried it yesterday and Jillian slept for five hours straight last night!!! Thank you thank you thank you. You are more than welcome to give me advice anytime, if something works for someone else I am always willing to try it!

Anonymous said...

My kids just love the dollar store. There is something about being able to purchase ANYTHING in the ENTIRE store that is just so exciting! Seeing your boys working with tools is so cute. I can only imagine how grown up they were feeling working with real tools. Could they be the Halsell Builders of tomorrow? The video of Thomas singing to Daniel is so precious.

Love you all,

joysnatcher said...

yay Abby! I'm so glad it worked.

Larissa said...

Paul and I just loved these pictures. The intense look on their faces is priceless!

I love the dollar store ideas, how fun! I would add fun family outing ideas, but right now for us that simply involves going somewhere where a toddler can run without going into traffic or hurting himself. Pretty simple. I will be saving up ideas like this though for when he gets bigger!

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