Sunday, October 05, 2008

Children's Books

The Story about Ping
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The question I ask when routing through kid's books to give to Goodwill? "Do I LOVE reading this 862 times in a row?"

A few of my current "yesses":

The Story About Ping: I like it because it's poetically written, and it's a good story about a little duck who doesn't go home one day. His misadventures make him realize how good home is.

Caps For Sale: The first time I read this I thought, "What's the big deal? It's on that reading list because...?" But the more I read it, the more I like it. It, too, has it's poetic elements. Thomas is now often walking around the house saying... "Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!"

Madeline: Because of the cartoon I thought this was mostly a "girl" book, but it's so fun. The boys love the rhyming, and I love the pictures, (not to mention reading the rhymes). The rhyming, I suppose, makes this another poetic book. The others don't rhyme, but have some repetition and great imagery.

So what are your "yesses", and what makes them a "yes"?


Larissa said...

I love Ping and I love Caps for Sale!

I will have to think of my Yesses....

christy said...

"if you give a mouse a cookie", and any of the other if you give a ____ a _____ books. my kids laugh like crazy.
we have also liked reading some of the longer chapter books like laura ingalls--although, just beware about jack the dog on that one. a couple chapters you might have to keep reading to the end to avoid trauma. :)

joysnatcher said...

We haven't been too persevering on the chapter books yet. Thanks for the advice on Jack the dog. We love "If you give a mouse a cookie" too!

susan said...

I was at the library today and I almost got "Ping" cuz of your post. But then I couldn't bring myself to get it because I was scared it would find its way into our "right before bed" stack, and there's a little too much text for my tired mind to get through at day's end in that one. It like to steer the girls toward the short books at bedtime. =)

We like the "5 Little Monkey" books - those are really fun. Curious George... gosh there are a bunch more but I'm really blanking!

I remember as a teacher loving the Bill Peet books, but my girls aren't ready for those yet.

I totally agree that there are some you can read over and over again and still love... and some that you just can't!

Christopher said...

I so appreciate children's books with good poetic rhythm. Goodnight Moon is a classic, though Jamberry by Bruce Degen is my favorite, followed by The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. For the older boys, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Berenstain Bears and the longer Dr. Seusss stories also have that quality.

Aly said...

"Thomas's Big Day" It was Weslee's favorite book as a toddler. I practically have it memorized. The other day I pulled it out and got weepy as I flipped through the pages. I actually don't care for the Thomas books but I have such sweet memories of reading it to him.
I also love "The Velveteen Rabbit" sometimes I feel like all my fur has been "rubbed off" and then I remember it was "loved" off. and "Goodnight Moon" because it is so peaceful the way they dim the lights in the room in the illustrations as you turn the pages.

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