Friday, September 26, 2008

2 months

We have found the hands, folks! Thomas thinks it great fun now that Daniel is grabbing at things.
Sometimes our baby even gets to take his bath with the big boys. Charles is so responsible holding him up so his head doesn't go under.

Daniel is reaching for things (toys, faces, etc.), and we can squeeze a laugh out now - though laughing still seems to surprise him. And yesterday I laid him down on a bed for a nap (on his tummy) and when I came to check on him he was on his back, also looking surprised.

My favorite thing, though, is when I hold him sitting up for his bath in the kitchen sink. His feet often catch his eye, moving around in front of him, and you can just see him thinking "There those things are again. They are sooo fun to watch. They just move all over the place. I wish they were around more."

It's amazing how fast I have forgotten all the fun baby "events", and now we get to do them all over again. If you ask me, it is made even more precious having two big boys to share the excitement with me and Dad.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,,, you made me think of one of my favorite pictures...line up all those bare feet and shoot it in black and white, you can do the whole family or just the boys. Its fun to follow as they grow doing the same shot!!

joysnatcher said...

Good idea, Susan!I'll do that soon, when I can catch them all awake at the same time.

be_a_Mary said...

soooo sweet!! i love the 'i found my feet' description!! made me smile.

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