Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hospital Visitors

My mom & dad brought the boys down the morning after Daniel was born.
My dad and Daniel James.
Charlie's parents drove up the same morning. Here's Papa Chuck with two of Charlie's nephews who got to come, Joey & Josh.
My brother's family came to the hospital, here's cousin Aubrey with the baby. She is trying to convince her mom that she's Daniel's big sister. Well, every boy needs a big sister, and since we have a shortage of girls at our house, it sounds good to me!
My good friends, Astrid and Sonia got to come over to the hospital too.

I've had both of the other boys in an isolated mountain hospital 5 hours away. So visitors had to be much more planned and it has only been Charlie and I at the hospital (with the exception of ShaleAnn - Charles' FIRST visitor, and Erin's family - Thomas' first visitors). Needless to say, it was nice being closer to so many family and friends this time.

Daniel was born at 11:56pm and I was able to leave the hospital by 7:00pm the next day (less than 24 hours after his birth), it was so nice to get home quickly and get started on life.


Anonymous said...

yea! new pictures. even though you live just minutes down the street, i still love checking out the blog. : )

Lacey said...

Yay more pictures! Love it!

Kelli said...

Yay, I found your blog!!! I love seeing all the pictures. Just wish I had been there to visit. Maybe the next baby :) I saved your site as a favorite on my new laptop so I should be able to see it more often. Miss you!

be_a_Mary said...

how FUN that you got to have visitors this time!! I'm sure it was a delight for your parents too! and that you got to leave the hospital soooo early--YAY

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