Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pray for our friends in Zimbabwe

I have received two emails over the last two days from people we have met who live in Zimbabwe. You may have heard a little bit in the news, but their nation is under evil power and only God can stop this dictator without causing more violence to erupt. This family is an amazing family, and they have not bowed in fear to the threats and violence that have been so prominent in the last few years. They own a game park and have twin daughters who are 11 years old.

Right now Zimbabwe is undergoing a "run-off" election between the current dictator and his opposition. It has been completely rigged, as have many elections before. Please pray for this country and this family. Helps me put my "struggles" here in perspective, our country may have it's problems, but we have more than we need and are essentially safe. I am including excerpts from the emails:

All hell has seem to broken loose on this little country in Africa called
Zimbabwe--which means' the house of stone.' Yes, our leaders hearts are as hard
as rock toward God, stubborn, proud and cruel. As a nation we are reaping what has
been sown, forsaking the only True God who sent His Precious son to save us
from our selves and sin, and worshipping demonic powers . Hell is having a field
day, terror and fear roam the country, as the helpess are beaten and killed .
Violence seems to be the order of the day . They started the dreaded "Do you wear
short sleaves or long sleeves?" How you answer is where your arm gets chopped
off. "Now you wont be able to vote again" they yell. What is going on is satanic
driven. Even Christians are feeling the flood of wickness over take them. They
say "God's not answereing our prayers, its not stopping. There's no hope." They
feel God has let them down. Satan is filling them with his lies and deceptions.

Its been a heavy week . Do you mind if i unload some of my concerns on you?
A close friend's husband (not saved but aware) is having to close his
clothes factories. He used to employ a few thousand, now he 's laying off the last
700 workers. I hold a bible study in their home. He asked me to change venue
because they started hasselling groups like ours saying its a politcal meeting .
So we had to move .

The widower of our doctor friend who crashed in his plane to his death just
before we visited the U.S ,they also lived on a small gamepark. A mob of angry thugs
detained her at home for hours, made her dance and shout their slogan while they
beat her staff, acussed her of holding political meetings which where bible
studies. She managed to drive away and they took her staff to their camp for
further interrogation .

Then Bridget a 76 year old family friend who had lost her rich farm. Now in town, a
good anglican, she spends her time feeding the struggling poor in town . She was
beaten up in her home at mid day and robbed, left tied up. She had always
wanted her bones to be layed to rest in Africa and had resisted her children's
appeal to join them in NewZealand. I said a good bye to a tearful, badly
bruised Bridget ,whose hope had been crushed, as she climb onto a plane.

Then my other dear friend Helen, a great intercessor. She is 83 years old and is the founder
of our prayer group, the Esthers . She has asked me to do her funeral and was a bit worried that I might
be in the U.S.A. too long in case the Lord called her home when I was over there .
The Lord told me she will live to see the redemption of the land she has
interceded so long for. Her home has been the nerve centre for Esthers
intercession. We meet at least once a week in her home, which is a retriement
home complex, in a good suburb. Well a mob of youth boiled in there on Friday
trying to find a retired lawyer, (lawyers are on the target list because they
defend peoples rights--or try to ). They harassed the elderly until the
administrator, also old, tried to break it up and got beated badly . Hospitalized
and now in hiding. Helen was not affected and is holding the fearful group
together in prayer and courage. I was so fuming mad that satan could send his mob
into Holy ground. Tresspassing.
God reminded me of Matt 26:18 "That on this ROCK [ JESUS ] I WILL BUILD MY
We stand firm in this flood and will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the
word of our testimony .

Then my other friend who farms, Debbie. She's the farmer, her husband works in
town . They have had many threats and dangers and the Lord has faithfully
carried them through. They were visited after our bible study and told by three war
vets they wanted their farm. They have two choices--hand over half of the
farm [its small] or they will bring a mob of 120 and they take it all . The land
is leased. Mike her husband is the one who helps organsize our Mana Pools men's camp .
His kids are terrfied, they all slept in one room that night . Does he just
move into town or what. I felt if Mike resisted the devil he would flee. But it
takes a brave man to make a stand and to know he has heard from God. So we prayed
hard that the mob would not come back . Gordon's response is "I don't take instruction
from satans mob, I move when God tells me." We still wait for the out come.

Then the church leaders were worried about the Mens camp because its a few days
after elections. lots of trouble is expected maybe even war accortding to the
president if he's not re-elected. He said "Don't you think a pen vote can beat a gun!"
Gvt. schools are closing for two weeks in middle of the term . War vet road
blocks are expected to stop people traveling, etc. We have people traveling
from South Africa and Zambia to bring food for the men's camp . After we prayed we
felt we had God's peace . Fifty five men still want to come . Sometimes faith and foolishness is a very
fine line . We need to hear so clearly , no confusing signals when its life and
death .
So far it is still set for the 3rd of July to 7th July . Those organising
it are under heavy fire . How can Mike coordinate it when trying to scramble his
belongings off a farm. Please pray for a mighty working of God in each man's heart .
We hope to have some baptisms in the crocodile infested waters of the Zambezi
river which is beautiful. Pray for safety for traveling, at the camp and the
families left at home.

Our family had an all front attack from the enemy as well.
Gordon took the twins on the back of the motor bike to check on the elephants ,
and ended up driving down the main road to the Bird sanctuary and saw a huge mob
at our other entrance gate. He thought there was trouble inside and started
heading towards them. I believe God blew Gordon's cap off so that he would have to stop to pick it
up. Then some of the crowd broke ranks and started heading towards him. He saw
their hostility and remembered he had the twins on the back . He managed to turn
around and get away. They were heading to a rally on what was once our store
and butchery. No car on the main road was allowed to pass unless they attended.
This is about three kms from our house. In the middle of it apart from the
normal threats, a revolver was waved in the air and it was said we will be
driven off the land if the election goes wrong. Nothing new but blatant and in
the open now. Last week at another rally they were going to burn us out.

We got an urgent prayer request from Chegute, the pastor. The white farmers
being beaten and driven off with just their shirts on there back. What happening to the
whites is nothing compared to what is happening to the black folk.

Still have not told you about my biggesgt challenge , but have to end now.
Please forgive the spelling mistakes in a rush and in the dark. We are easliy
depressed. So pray for us

Kids are fine . Finished their exams .

Gordon just discovered a Sick Buffalo calf probably wont make the night
,unless God steps in .

Bread is now $3,500,000,000. IF you can find it .

I woke up three or four times last night finding a prayer in my spirit saying
Lord'" deliver us from evil". I think its a cry for the nation.

Second Email: (election is scheduled for Thursday or Friday, I believe)

Its getting crazier by the minute, and more and more evil . Yesterday in
Chegutu, they wanted to baptize people in the name of Mbuya Nhanda and Sekuru
Kaguvi . Nhanda is a strong man {woman} over the Country. She was a powerful
witch who was finally hung by the pioneers. Her statue stands in our parliament
so does the Kaguvi . Her other statue stands at the basement of the Reserve Bank
of Zimbabwe. The minute it was put there our dollar started to crash. The man who
heads the Reserve Bank of Gono has about 9 farms and just built another house with
over a hundred rooms, He was once quite reasonable, now he is one of the Six heading the
terror campaign in the JCC (Joint Command Centre of the military forces). The
other statue is in the archives. We prayed over these statues but she still
raises her evil head. Nhanda is the Spirit of War and destruction. Mr M took
her spirit on personally. When these people are forced to do this they take on
the spirit, the demon. I've seen teenage girls talking with deep male voices.
Its the first I heard of baptizing them in the demonic name. Now we know why
Matt 28 :18 to 20 is so important.
Please Pray for this strongman to be bound, and God the Holy Spirit to be loosed in
that area and the Country as a whole .
In rallies they are miss quoting from the bible regularly for their
propaganda, e.g. Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning Mugabe created Zimbabwe ". "You
have eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now you must be punished",
etc . He is referred to as King David, the Chosen One, etc.

The best and most direct challenge to God in front of international press from
our president was this . . .'' Only God can remove me from power". We pray that God himself
will do this publicly for the world to see and acknowledge God's hand and not
man's. God will not be mocked . As Eden prayed in an adult church prayer
meeting: "Like in Egypt let them say this is the finger of God".
Daniel 8 .25 was given to us and confirmed the word the Lord gave Gordon 7 yrs ago from Job
. . . "He will be removed with out human hands". Another of his claims to fame is this:
"Over my dead body will the MDC get into power". Let it be Lord!!
Its a spiritual battle!

The violence is shocking. I'm told that prisoners have been released to join these
violent youth gangs. They abduct people for days and torture them. A camp was
set up in a vlei (wet land) in the middle of good suburb where my mums home
is and next to our church. They are now after the domestic servants. One of the
parents of a child in the twins class said her gardener was abducted for two days
and while he was there he witnessed a gardener beaten to death. Our Pastor,
Chris and their Shona Pastor went there to tell them to stop interrupting the
Shona services (Shona is the main local language). Please pray for the fear of
God to fall on these thugs and for the realization that they are accountable to their
Creator and that they will be found wanting when weighed in the balance.

Our staff know of at least 70 hands - arms that have been chopped off. They're
turning on women and children when they can't find their men.
Inside information shows the vote has been rigged already. Military
forces have voted in front of their commanding officers and on the behalf of
close family. Thousands have been
removed from the voters role and youth gangs
that are under age have been added. And the dead from our last war (which would include my Dad) will
be "ghost voters" for the party . As well as all the other tricks from the master
of deceit, that old fox.
The MDC had to withdraw--the books were already cooked.
Most folk were still keen to vote despite the cost. But it would be in vain and
at a terrible price. The violence continues and the people will be forced to vote
for the one man president vote. Pray for the end of the violence .
A cornered animal is vicious. Only God can save.

There is good news about my friend Debbie. The war vets who were going to take over
her farm never came back . They're still worried about safety so they might try and find
a house in town. A spirit of fear is flooding the country. We need faith .
Debbie was threatened and handed over a cow and food for a big rally .

Schools are shut . Oh, we lost the two buffalo calves . We need to deworm our
animals but there is no animal cubes or treatment as there is just no food .

Bread is now 5 billion and unavailable. Our inflation is 2 million %

Pray for the believers not to be afraid and not discouraged or to flee . The
one sunday school teacher at church phoned and said "I cant teach on Sunday. Remove my name
from the list. I'm leaving for South Africa and will never be back." In the natural
it is Hopeless but it is God in whom we trust and put our hope.

I've run out of time--my personal problem is still not solved. In short we held
a top conference for the UN for two days, 45 people, they flew in from Geneva,
South Africa, etc. They are two weeks late on paying us and we are
in hyper inflation. We need to pay salaries and find fuel etc. We live hand
to mouth. "Our daily bread" is a reality prayer. (Gordon and Debbie run a Game Park/Retreat Center where they have paying guests that they house, feed and entertain.)
My friend, I appreciate your support. We hope to go to the farm today and stay
there over the election. Being very alert in prayer. If it gets too hot we
will move back into town for a few days.
Yesterday our entire staff had to attend a rally in which Mr M was to speak but he did not arrive.
Let me know if this
gets through to you . Everything is screened. It is amazing how
God blinds seeing eyes. We had lots of direct answers to prayer when folk had
to return to their rural home to attend to the injured and bring supplies. The
army has been waiting at the bus stop for them and they walked straight through
them. The army men did not see who they were. And they managed to get back
onto the bus later with the same army men waiting for them, not seeing them.


Anonymous said...

praying, praying, praying

Anonymous said...

wow! I'm praying as well!

Anonymous said...

today at lunch when I was doing my bible study...I went to Romans 8. I read it twice and felt it could be a great encouragement to those Christians right now. Of course, there are a ton of verses that would be a great encouragement to them. =)

joysnatcher said...

thanks! I'll forward it on!

Larissa said...

My heart breaks for the people of Zimbabwe. THey will all be in our prayers.

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