Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Christy: What are you thinking about dinner?
Charlie: Ummm, what are you thinking about dinner?
Christy: I guess what I'm looking for is: "Quesadillas and popcorn sound great! We haven't had that since last week!"
Charlie: Sounds good to me!

I am lucky to have a very understanding husband. Since it's been so hot (around 100 degrees today), I haven't been good for much. Charlie has been great: getting the boys away as much as he can, and giving me license to lie on the couch with my feet up. But I don't enjoy this. I don't enjoy not taking care of my family.

So I have a plan: get as much done before mid-afternoon as possible. I've been planning dinners I can make before it gets too hot (because we CAN'T have quesadillas every night for the next two months!). And this morning I made granola before breakfast, washed all sheets and remade all beds before 10, and even vacuumed two rooms. Then I feel like I can rest when I need to. And like I'm not neglecting anyone.

Though I will admit: our house might not be too tidy if you stop by. I'm trying to cover the basics, not win any awards. Cobwebs linger in some corners. Toys might be staying on the ground for several days longer than ever before. And though I vacuumed today, it might not happen again for quite some time.

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Arienne said...

Hello. You don't know me, but I was reading on another person's blog about kids sharing a room? My kids share a room and they've started resisting going to bed, and I was wondering how you tweaked your kids' routine so that they would go to bed. I appreciate any help you can give me, though I am a stranger. Thanks.

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