Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girls Can Make Juice, Too

For Christmas we got Charlie a juicer. He loves it, and makes juice for us almost every morning. We had another one, the next Breville model down, but found it lacking. Not too great at doing garlic and horseradish, or lettuces. So I splurged and got the Breville Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain - that's 5 speeds, for those who were wondering. We highly recommend it.

I have been content to let the morning juicing be Charlie's job. I haven't ever attempted it (even back when we had one in Pismo Beach). Recently Charlie went out of town, and about two days into his trip Charles and I had this conversation:

Charles: Mama, girls can make juice too.
Me: Oh, you think so?
Charles: Yes, girls can make juice in the morning, just like Daddys.
Me: Would you like me to make some juice with you tomorrow?
Charles: Yes, I think you can just read the book and it will tell you what to do.
Me: Okay Buddy. We'll do it together.

I related this conversation to Charlie, and he in turn related this one to me:
Charlie: Will you miss me when I'm gone?
Charles: Yes.
Charlie: Who will give you a bath at night?
Charles: Mama can.
Charlie: Who will tell you stories before bed?
Charles: Mama.
Charlie: Who will make juice with you in the mornings?
Charles: (After some pause) Can girls make juice, Daddy?

So, this is a picture of my foray into juicing. Charles was extremely helpful, and we made a pitcher-full of orange juice (with oranges from my parent's tree). Mm-mm good!


Christopher said...

I'm a big fan of homemade juice (having also recieved a juicer as a gift at one point), though our juicing experience has been restricted to citrus fruits. Can you say more about the juice that includes garlic, horseradish and lettuce?

joysnatcher said...

To clarify, all of those items aren't in the same juice. But we have a juice book that gives recipes for different ailments - I believe a remedy for asthma included horseradish, and Charlie often uses garlic when he's got a cold - I can't remember now which one had lettuce (I think it was romaine or something dark)...maybe I'll consult the book.

Anonymous said...

I actually dreamed about you and this blog last night. I'm wondering how you are doing. I do not know when your baby is due. Did you have your baby yet? I hope all is well.

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