Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Home Again

Well, I guess that's relative. What is "home" anyway? Some people have difficulty answering the question, "where are you from?" For me, it's more like, "where do you live?" That really throws me for a loop.

But, I am from the States, and it has been wonderful to be back. We are mostly sleeping through the night. This has been our easiest jet-lag experience by far. I don't know why. The boys have woken up alternately each night for 1-2 hours at a time, I love it. They can lie next to us and squirm while we drift in and out of sleep. Much better than all of us being awake from midnight to 4am. But I can deal with that, too.

It's been fun to see the boys' reaction to everything. They were so excited about going on the plane to "'Merica"; Thomas cried when he found out we were in LA and not getting on any more planes. Charles has had a perpetual grin on his face since he has been playing with cousins non-stop. Both boys are thoroughly enjoying their grandparents and family, and feeding the animals Charlie's mom has here (pig, cow, sheep, and chickens.) They love checking for eggs especially. Any given evening or morning a few grandkids can be found gingerly carrying chicken eggs to the kitchen with Papa Chuck (and maybe breaking a few along the way).

What a blast.

And so tomorrow we head up north to see my family for a few days. Then off to Tennessee!!! So the adventure continues.


Monica said...

Hi Christy,
I am so happy to hear you all got there safely and are having fun! We miss you guys already!!! It hit me more when I saw Jordon on Sunday and she said she was praying for your safe flight and at that moment for some reason it hit me "oh no she is really gone!" But, I am so glad you are enjoying it! Have fun and know we are thinking of you all. Chickens and pigs and cousins and family what more could a kid ask for!

be_a_Mary said...

Soooo fun. Hey, we had a change of plans and aren't going 'home' for T-day, but maybe we can find a time when i could drive up to see you, or we could meet in the middle somewhere?


joysnatcher said...

rats rats rats. I was so looking forward to visiting. will email for more info...

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