Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We've Got A Plan

Ready for it? It goes like this:

October 27 - fly to LAX; get visas for return to Bali
October 28 - new niece's due date
October 31 - Halloween with our Santa Maria cousins!!! (Charles already wants to know what they are all going to "be")
November 4 - begin driving to Tennessee
November 8 - trade show starts!
November 15 - drive to Sacramento
November 22 - Thanksgiving with Sacramento family (get to see our cousin Aubrey, too!)
November 23 - fly back to Bali! Whew!

We'll then stay in Bali for approximately...ask me in a few months.

So we're a Bali family. We originally only planned to be here 6 months of this year, but here we are - in December it will be 9 months. I honestly never thought I would enjoy being gone from the States for that long, but we are really enjoying our time here. It helps that we have made some great friends and found a good church.

The trade show in Tennessee will be our first and we are very excited. I didn't really know what trade shows were until this year - ask for my thoughts after November! It's the Smoky Mountain Gift Show if you want to check it out. Also haven't driven farther east than Oklahoma, so that's another fun "first" for the year.


alisha said...

oh, my sounds like you are going to be very busy and very well traveled family.

Anonymous said...

Charles, Laura told me to tell you that she is going to be a pink poodle for Halloween. Her daddy had her try it on and we all fell in love. Her costume is hanging in her closet. She saw it today and said, "Goggy. Woof woof." I asked her "Who is a doggy?" She said, "Worwra" (that's Laura's word for "Laura").
Laura is VERY scared about Halloween things. She's been seeing the decorations in the stores and is freaked out because of the "scary people" or "people" as she calls them, that howl and make scary noises. It's giving her the creeps even at home. We just saw some harmless pumpkin decorations today at a store and she looked wide-eyed at me and said, "People. Woooooh Wooooh"
So, Charles, Laura might not go to all the houses for trick-or-treat if they have "people" at them. We'll have to let her much braver older cousins like you go to all the houses for "nandy" and "cockolet" ("candy and chocolate").
WHat are you and your brother going to be? Are your mom and dad going to dress up, too? I am going to be Laura's dog-walker. Her daddy will be working foot patrol in Isla Vista that night so he will miss the fun.
Aunt Audrey

be_a_Mary said...

HEY! We're going to be home for thanksgiving too! we were going to drive up on the 21st, but maybe i'll drive up earlier, like the 20th so i can see you!! YAY!!

Lacey said...

Well I am sure you guys will be really busy at the show in Tennessee, but if you think you will have a little free time, let us know. It's just 3 1/2 hours from Atlanta, we could possibly come up.

Either way, I think you will all enjoy the Smokey Mountains! We visited nearby Asheville, NC last November and it was really beautiful.

Christopher said...

The road from TN to Sac passes right through CO. You're welcome to stop/stay/sleep.

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