Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun Stuff

Grammy and Aunt Alisha sent us a package recently. Charles is quite smitten with the Pez he received. It's Sally from Cars. FYI, in our family, I'm Sally. Charlie is Doc. Thomas is Mater. Of course, Charles is Lightning McQueen. I realize that you may not know the names of all of these characters, or even that they exist. That's probably because you haven't seen the movie 326 times, like myself.
"Open it, Mama! Open it!" (These pics were taken before the recent haircuts.)
Here they are, next to all of our spoils. It was an awesome package, fun-filled and treat-filled. We have been water-coloring like mad, and my dark chocolate M&Ms are long gone, along with Charlie's sunflower seeds.

Incidentally, I used our new "Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel" lice repellent this morning before we went to the orphanage, and was delighted with the fragrance, as well as the ease of use. It was applied to both boys, and myself. I highly recommend it for anyone who visits possible lice hang-outs.


mom said...

I'm glad everything got there ok. We had fun shopping for you. Alisha and I bought some things that didn't fit in the package. You will have some more treats when you get home. Cute pics of the boys!

be_a_Mary said...

ohhhh! what a treat! that is so cute that he loves PEZ. :)

i haven't had to do the lice thing yet, but i seriously dread it!!

Candace said...

Christy - I keep thinking of you guys everytime I go to Costco. There is a Cars party pack of paper plates, cups, napkins... everything you would need for a Lightening McQueen bday party. I remember your blog about Charles' birthday obsession and want to buy it for him every time. Let me know if this would be ok. I know how excited you were to do a party for him last year and I don't want to deprive you of that, but it's Costco, and it's cheap, and won't be there forever.

Also when are you coming back, how long are you staying, and what will your schedule be like? You can e-mail me these answers.

Love the boys new haircuts. The buzz cut is a wonderful choice for boys.

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