Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Amazing Day

So yesterday started out great and got better. My good friend Monica came over with her two little girls for a day of fun. We went to the beach, we played at our house and then Charlie came home early - right after lunchtime.

With a huge surprise.

"I'm watching the kids and you two are going to the spa."

"You're watching all the kids?"

"Yes, you just have to drive to this spa and tell them who you are." Needless to say we were very excited. We gave our Nervous Mommy Instructions. Gave kisses to the kids (and I gave Charlie kisses), began to leave, hesitated and gave more Nervous Mommy Instructions, received many assurances that kids would be fine, and left.

At the spa we were thrilled to find out that we were to receive manicures. We spent a blissful hour chatting (without interruptions) and getting our fingernails beautified. As we were leaving I called Charlie to tell him we were on the way home and say thank you. He asked, "You're coming home so soon? What did they do?" I told him we got manicures. "No, you have to go back. You were supposed to get manicures, a foot massage, and pedicures."

Get out of town!

He didn't have to tell us twice. He called the spa while we made our way back in. We spent another 2.5 hours getting spoiled and left feeling sooooo rejuvinated.

What an amazing day. What an amazing husband.

He spent 3.5 hours with four kids 5 and under. They all loved it. And he sent his wife and her friend out for a great day!

Oh, did I tell you? I drove. It was my second time driving here. I had to make a U-turn. Normally no big deal except that everything is opposite. The gear shift, the side of the road you drive on, the traffic, the rules of the road, the steering wheel. But I did it, with no mishaps.


susan said...

What FUN. Wow!! Good for your husband!

I laugh at the Nervous Mommy Instructions. I went to Poland for 3 days and typed up about 2 pages worth of schedule/ instructions/ ideas/ notes for Chris... to take care of one kid. =)

alisha said...

Wow, how great, what a treat for you!!
Charlie did great!!

be_a_Mary said...

Kudos to Charlie!! What a trooper! I am so happy you got that break!! It sounds AMAZING.

sonia said...

i love how you love each other!

mom said...

Have I told you lately what a great husband you have?? Well, he's great! I'm glad you had a friend to enjoy the pampering with.
Give the boys hugs.

annecourager said...

Awesome, Charlie!! That earns huge brownie points.
LOL at "nervous mommy" instructions--I know they'd never be followed, but I'd feel a little better knowing I tried.~

So nice for you to get some girl time!

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