Sunday, August 26, 2007


I think I would say Thomas is 20% potty trained. Not a huge percentage, but a bit. What does 20% mean? In my world it means he can go as long as 3 hours without an accident, but may only make it 15 minutes. It means we aren't quite as consistent as we'd like to be. It means he's just two and we're going for it.

With Charles the huge problem was going poop on the potty. (Incidentally, he only goes "poop-on-the-potty", these four words are not spoken separate from the others.) This is now a huge event...

Charles: Mama! I have to go poop-on-the-potty!
Me: Okay, go go go!
Charles: Thomas! I'm going poop-on-the-potty!
Thomas: Oh! I comin'! (Thomas proceeds to run to the bathroom from wherever he was in the house. He grabs his observation stool and settles in for the event of the day. Charles completes his chore amidst much encouragement - oohs and ahhs - from his little bro).

Is this what happens in all homes with more than one little person?

Anyway, I figure, "hey, Thomas could very well be ready to be more than an observer in this amazing phenomenon."

And now we're at 20%. I'm not going to push it. We can stay at 20% and invoke minimal diaper usage. I'm okay with that because, honestly, I forgot how much laundry potty-training involves.The boys are now tree-climbers. I didn't expect such feats of daring-do so early in their lives.
Where's this guy's mother? Drinking straight from the syrup bottle? Charlie and Thomas at Kuta beach.


alisha+dave said...

oh my, those boys are so cute!! they are growing up way too fast. we miss you guys and are looking forward to your visit. love us

susan said...

Oh, do I ever understand the problem of poop-on-the-potty. I wish I couldn't relate at all.

GOOD for him for getting past this hurdle. We'll pass it too one day. The "Oh! I comin'!" is HILARIOUS. I got a kick out of that. Quite the spectator sport there!

Monica said...

Hey siblings are there to encourage one another! When Naomi goes poop on the potty Hannah will do a funny skit to make the time on the pot not so bad. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Laura says, "Hi cousins!" She wants me to stop typing so that she can see their pics again!
Audrey and Laura

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