Monday, June 25, 2007

I Love Moms

I am fortunate enough to have about a hundred sisters-in-law. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. Charlie has 5 sisters. He has three brothers who are all married. And I have a brother who is married. That makes nine. And they're all wonderful and amazing.

One of the wonderful benefits this past year has been the mom's group in Santa Maria that I have been able to be fleetingly involved with. I have attended every meeting that I have been in town for. That was three. And one park day. But I really liked connecting with the moms and keeping up on the Bible study when I was away. I always felt really at home with everyone. I always felt free to share my thoughts and the lessons I was learning. I always felt accepted. Thanks moms!

This past visit home all of the ladies and their families pitched in to put together a craft box for the orphanage that we visit (see previous post). We filled a 32 ounce Rubbermaid container that our family brought over with our luggage full to brimming with craft supplies. I was amazed at all of the great things that were contributed.

My plan is to take a few things each visit. This will give our family some great activities to do with the kids. Otherwise they mostly just fawn over our boys, and while that might be fun for them for a while, pretty soon little American boys are just like any other boy. Then I'll leave everything with the orphanage when we leave.
This is the box everyone filled and all of the craft-y things that were in it. (The big box of chalk is below the right-hand corner of the blue box. I've never seen so much sidewalk chalk).
This time I only took one thing, a huge box of sidewalk chalk. The kids loved it. By the time we left the walkways were colored with outlines of various-shaped kids and illustrations. Then we noticed that the walls of the basketball court were not immune to art-work either. Almost the entire court sported this new wallpaper. The boys really flock to Charlie. The little ones spend a lot of time playing with him, and the older guys just want to talk. What an amazing testimony to how important fathers are in kids' lives.
Thomas and Oscar (the one holding the ball) couldn't be separated. The kids were so sweet to the boys, and it was fun for the boys to have such kind playmates.
Adji, Mora, Charles, and Carolina. Oops, and Tina at the top.


Monica said...

My first comment. Pictures speak so much! And how blessed those kids are to have you all coming there!

Mara & Clan said...

Hi Charlie & Christy, I dont think we have ever met a family with such selflessness. You are all so inspiring with your stories and testimonies. We all miss you so much and pray for you all during your stay in Bali. We can't wait to see you here in Northern Cal. where we are trying to learn a new place and settle in. We love you all! God Bless!

mom said...

How exciting for you and the kids you are visiting! It goes without saying, (but I will say it anyway) we are praying for you all. The pictures are priceless. God bless you.

Lacey said...

Oh Christy, I love your stories and hearing about your adventures there! It makes me want to be there too, and in a little way I feel almost in Indonesia seeing all your pictures and hearing about your trials and triumphs. Thank you so much for keeping this blog up!

be_a_Mary said...

I want one! (an orphan, that is!) lice and all!! those pictures are fantastic. it is great that you visit and give them love.

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