Friday, June 08, 2007


Our friend Monica has given Charles a defense against the "Bali dogs". They make him nervous, and he can be reduced to tears if one is barking and looking at him. With good reason sometimes, but there are a lot of wandering dogs here, and we can't let them disable us with fright.

Now he is quite empowered: "Mama, if a Bali dog bothers me, I just bend down and pretty-tend to pick up a rock, and pretty-tend to throw it at them. Then they run away."

And it's true, it's an amazing defense that works like a charm. I must admit I am using it on my runs now. But I might not be pretty-tending, I might REALLY be picking up a rock. I do pretty-tend to throw it. Besides, I'll be frank, if I did throw it I'd invariably miss by a mile and the dogs would be on to me. I'd be toast - as Jr. Asparagus is known to say.


mom said...

I'm glad Chareles is learning things like pretty-tending. It sounds like an important thing to know in Bali!

christy said...

maybe i should think about that for daniel, too....he is not a lover of dogs. mostly, because they are usually face level, and licking. right now his line of defense is to say "don't do that, dog!" not all that effective, though, if the dog doesn't speak english. it's not easy to be short, or two.

alisha said...

Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a wonderful day.
love Dave Alisha, and Aubrey

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