Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where, Oh Where?

Where, oh where have I been? We visited my parents for a few weeks, and for some reason I couldn't log in to my account on their computer. Though you may think of me as a computer-savvy chick, you are woefully mistaken. I was unable to ascertain the reason for the problem.

BUT...I did get to visit with my parents, grandparents, and my brother's family. It was fun for the boys to see their cousin Aubrey - who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease (a disease which doesn't allow the person's body to process gluten). The last time we visited she had just been diagnosed and was still in a lot of pain. Consequently, she was very shy and still a little bit sad. This time she was a completely new little girl. She is talking great (she turned two in November), and was so excited to come play with the boys. It was wonderful to see her feeling so good, and be so active around us.

Charlie has been travelling almost the whole time we've been home. He has done two trade shows and just got back from spending time in Mexico with one of our buyers. Kind of fun. I missed him lots, but I had lots of family around during all of his trips to keep us busy.

So that's us. We're all recovered from jet-lag and the boys are officially not sick. Yay! We look forward to spending some time with our friends in the mountains while pursuing a sales route for fishing "Opener" in April. (I never even new what "Opener" was until we lived in the mountains for a few years- for those of you who might not be terribly familiar with that sport: "Opener" is the first day that fishing season is "Open", not too hard to figure out, I guess.)


alisha said...

Glad you made it back to Santa Maria safely. We miss you guys already! Love Dave, Alisha and Aubrey

alisha said...

I know me again. . .
just wanted to wish you and your guys a very happy easter, hope you enjoy your day. :)
love us

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