Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Med Question

I wouldn't be such a freak if we weren't in another country. We have transformed from parents who rarely take kids or ourselves to the doctor to ones who may be okay with just giving our kids antibiotics for the entire 2.5 months we're here. (All right, just the remaining 1.5 months - not counting the two weeks Thomas was already on them for a gnarly sinus infection).

I also wouldn't freak out as much because I have several sisters-in-law to consult at home with kids from the same gene pool, a mother, a mother-in-law, and grandmothers and aunts. Also several friends. And one of them would probably say, "oh yeah, my son had that, it went away in two days."

So Thomas has had a fever for two days now (100.4 - auxillary - sp?). It comes and goes. He is sometimes lethargic, meaning only wanting to be cuddled in your lap or asking to go "Ni-Ni". And tonight Charlie noticed two large yucky-looking sores on his tongue with what looks like three more forming. I ask you: how long do we have left with him?!!!? What's going on here? I can count on one FINGER how many times he has been lethargic, even through the worse of sicknesses. He doesn't even really get sick. He hasn't been on oral antibiotics until this trip.

What are the sores from? Does he have leprosy? Could it be from his paci? Could it be entirely unrelated to his fever?

And do I add a degree when I take the temp under his arm? My mom and I think so. Who else ventures an opinion?

I'm sure he'll sleep great all night and wake up in the morning feeling fine. Then I'll let you know that I am just one of many paranoid mamas seeking support from the numbers.


christy said...

Christy--it is so hard to have a sick kid, not to mention in another country. i am definitely thinking of you there. my kids are also the type who only sit still when they are not feeling well.

as for the sickness, i am pretty stumped, but since you have access to the internet i would say that i've had fairly good luck with sites like webmd, where you can put in symptoms and then it gives you advice about how to treat at home, and when to have it looked at. do you have access to over-the-counter stuff if you need it? just one more thing i take for granted....

also, i'm pretty sure that you add a degree for under the arm...that's how i normally do it too.

be_a_Mary said...

Yes, add a degree for under the arm.

I always look at the behavior of my kids to decide whether to take them to the dr. Lethargic would concern me.

My guess, could be a bacterial infection? Not that I'm a nurse, just that my kids have been in and out of the dr a LOT. My other guess, an allergic reaction?

Where does the YWAM team take their kids to the dr? or a tourist hotel? can they refer you to a dr?

I say, trust your instincts and find a dr that speaks english. better safe than sorry.

(i am also remembering the 3 week hospital saga we had with reagan last july that was seriously frightening. you don't want it to turn into something really ugly)(not to freak you out)

christy said...

christy, i thought of something else about the sores--it could be canker sores, and unrelated to the fever. does anyone in your family get them? chris does, and it is usually related to stress, which could be from all the adventures that your family has had recently, or even as simple as his body is fighting a fever. i second what karen said about trusting your instincts, but also it could be something that you don't have to be too worried about. i would feel better if it were me to talk to a nurse or someone to see what is going on.

alisha said...

Christy, I am so sorry to hear that Thomas is not well. If it were me I think I would try to find someone to take a look at him. Karen had good advice to ask your friends at YWAM where they go when they need a dr. Hope he gets better soon and that it is nothing serious. He and you are all in our prayers. Lots of Hugs

mom said...

Hi Sweetie, Alisha told me to check your blog,and all I can think is our poor Thomas. The first thing that comes to my mind is thrush. David had it when he was very little. It makes kind of white patches on the tongue that can bleed. It is an infection caused from taking antibiotics,which throw the body off balance (kind of like a yeast infection-I think). I don't remember anything about a fever though. I will be checking it out online, but Dad and I agree, a dr. is in order. Peace of mind is priceless. None of you need any more stress. I agree too with your friends, if you don't already have a dr. there, I'm sure YWAM knows someone you can go to. As always, you're in our prayers. Love and hugs. (Sorry if I got to preachy)

be_a_Mary said...

R had thrush badly from 6 weeks to 6 months old. Thrush is not only sores, but also a thick white covering over the tongue. it is somewhat painful, and makes the tongue sluggish, difficulty swallowing,eating, but does not usually come with a fever. it is a yeast infection in the mouth. usually kids with thrush in the mouth also have visible signs of a yeast infection 'downstairs' (if ya know what i mean). its because when they swallow, they swallow the yeast in their mouth and it moves through their system.


joysnatcher said...

Okay guys, we're still debating. We have visited a dr. here, but will go somewhere else - probably tomorrow if he's still sick.

We're in day three of 100.4 fever and now sores not only on his tongues, but on the insides of his cheeks. I'm talking really gross-looking ones - swollen and fluid-filled.

T had thrush when he was a baby, and I might lean that way, except that there is no other evidence of it and it doesn't look like what he had when he was tiny. That looked more like a patchy coating, this looks like specific, nasty sores.

He had a hard night last night, he felt awful, and he couldn't suck his paci because it hurt too much. He was so mad :( Poor thing. We'll see how tonight goes and figure it out in the morning.

Thanks for all your advice, any and all is appreciated!

joysnatcher said...

I just re-read my comment and wanted to assure you that Thomas only has one tongue. No worries on that front anyway.

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