Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We own a business. We made it up. A couple of years ago we went down to the County-Clerk recorder in Independence, CA (we lived in Bishop) and told them the name we wanted to use. Then we had it printed in the paper - a "fictitious name statement", and voila - here we are. Owners of "High Sierra Woodcarvings". And we've kind of had it on the back burner since then. Charlie has made a web site, he's made connections, we've gone to Bali, he's gone a few more times, he's made sales, I've made sales and now we're full-time! We import wood carvings from Indonesia. Just like that.

Don't get me wrong. It's been a lot of work. But it's still strange to me. I never would have thought to do it. My husband is the amazing visionary who makes it happen. I just do the books and make phone calls. We went to Bali on our honeymoon (2003) and Charlie took some pictures of trout. We found a wood carver. Charlie said, "can you make this?" and they did.

So now we've been here and there and everywhere. Charlie has been to Bali five times in the past three years. Charles has been once. I've been twice. We've made sales trips to the Eastern Sierras, where it all started. And pretty soon I get to go stay in a 20,000 square foot house in the mountains owned by a millionaire. I have seen this house for three years now from across the lake on which it is built. It looks like a mountain lodge/hotel. It's phenomenal. I wonder what this house looks like. What do millionaires put in their "weekend" homes? I'll let you know.

Big things are starting to happen with our little business. Big things to us. We're very excited, but not sure exactly what's going on or when.

Sometimes I think I just want to be like the other moms. I just want to buy a house and decorate it and raise my kids in that house and stay put for a while. Then I think: "I'm not really a good decorator." Actually, I think, this is what we wanted when we got married. Sometimes it can be a challenge staying mobile and flexible with two little people, but they love it. They love going new places and I love it and Charlie loves it. So we'll keep on going for a while. Someday we hope to buy a house. I don't know how often we'll be there, but we'll own it nonetheless. Maybe some of my more talented decorating friends and relatives can help me out with the technicalities. Or they could let me do it myself. Then they could come over whenever they felt their houses weren't up to par. I could be the encourager.

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be_a_Mary said...

Now that I know more moms I'm coming to realize there are few of them that are 'just moms'. Some are hairdressers on the side. Some homeschool their kids (so they're teachers too). Some do baking part time. Some are teachers. And the ones that are 'just moms' are PTA presidents and class moms and all that stuff.

I'm glad you're business is going so well! That is super exciting!

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