Friday, July 14, 2006


Finished Anna Karenina, has anyone read it? I thoroughly enjoyed all but the political and farming diversions, and even some of those weren't too bad. Love Levin and Kitty. Love Tolstoy's ability to see life from everyone's point of view, even the hunting dog's. How can one man know all that? If I could write like that one day, I would ... really be excited (and I'd also be Tolstoy).?!?

Confession: (following the meme trend here) - I'm a bit of a copy editor freak myself, like Karen. I'm very critical when I read ads especially. One of my favorite things is reading anything written in English when I'm in another country. In Russia and Kyrgyzstan the menus were worthy of stand-up comedians. And they have 10-15 page menus, but when you choose something other than the first three items the waitress shakes her head, "No have". Why not just save paper and print menus with the first three items? Western thinking. But I digress. In Bali it's amusing to read just about anything, but especially hotel literature. Wish I could remember quotes, more on that later.

And I am particular about books I read. Generally don't have anything to do with authors who produce more than 10 books in 10 years. What can they have to write about ?

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Larissa said...

Yes! Reading things in English in countries where it is the second language is great. In Ghana they would also have huge lengthy menus. Half the items they did not have while the other half always turned out completely different than the menu said. Generally the food descriptions made no sense anyway, a fact that was unaided by the mixing of American, Ghanaian, and Chinese cuisines at every restaurant. Go figure.

Glad you guys are doing well up there, have fun with your parents! Thank you so much for my bridal shower present, it was soo nice.

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