Friday, May 12, 2006


I was a little broken-hearted when I finished this project and saw that the hat was too big even for me. It's a cute hat, though, unless you take into account the fact that it's shaped like a WWI army helmet. I'm sure if it was the right size it would be cute.

Charles still loves to wear it.

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be_a_Mary said...

I got a great chuckle from this photo! I HATE when you plan something so great and work at it and it flops.

This year I decided as a fam we'd pick out a pumpkin and carve it (for Harvest). Well, Zach took one look at the pumpkin insides and said, EWWW. GROSS MOM. And ran away. Curt Rey and Zach were inside with the tinker toys while I was outside with the darn pumpkin. ;(

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