Saturday, May 06, 2006

Joey's Communion

The boys have 20 cousins on Charlie's side of the family, and family get-togethers (which usually happen at least once a weekend) are very exciting. Some cousin stats: 8 cousins two and under, 14 cousins 8 and under, 3 cousins 5mos and under (with one on the way - yay James & Kelli, #4!). It's a good thing Papa Chuck and Grammy are building a bigger house, Today was Joey's first communion, and these pics are of the barbeque we had at Mary's afterwards.

Joey is pretty handsome (it runs in the family). He is good at taking care of all the little cousins. He also aspires to be a CHP officer, and Uncle John is his hero.

There is an Aunt Susie in the next jumble, I believe she's taking on the Red Power Ranger and several of his cohorts, I've always admired her bravery.

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