Sunday, May 15, 2011

what if...I love

These are the most important people in my life.  What if I act like it?

What if I wake up tomorrow and thank God sincerely for my husband and my children; instead of thinking about what I have to get done or how I need to teach everyone to behave or how I don't get any time to myself.

What if I spoke to my children like the treasures they are instead of the job I tend to look at them as.

What if in correcting them I spoke in patience.

What if they could always hear the love in my voice.  What if I stopped with the irritation and the condescension and the disdain.

What if i pushed my little irritations aside. Pushed my SELF down. And loved my chlldren.

What if I slow down a bit. Instead of focusing on wherewehavetogo and whatwehavetodo I take it easy. I focus on teaching them how to do what needs to be done and then let them try it instead of controling all of their little expressions of individuality.

What if I remembered that they're children. They won't get everything right the first time, or the even the eighteenth time.

What if I told my husband what I needed sweetly and asked for help instead of expecting him to read my mind.

What if I thought about what his day was like and took joy in making life easier for him when he got home. I bet it would solve a world of perceived difficulties.

What if I let myself be.

What if I skipped a day of chores and didn't stress out about when they'll get done.

What if I ate three cookies and threw myself a party instead of giving myself a guilt trip.

What if I was thankful for that half hour of running by myself instead of thinking of everything I should have gotten done or wanting more "me" time.

What if when I mess up I repent and ask forgiveness and move on instead of berating myself and wallowing in my sinfulness.

I've changed a lot over the last several years, but I want to keep changing.  I want to be better than this.  So what do I do?  Just up and change?  It's worth a shot.

What if I start tomorrow.  If I just focus on sweet words at first.


AmbyLand said...

What a beautiful post. sometimes It is so hard to just enjoy being a mom. And I feel like such a bad person when the house is a mess and the kids are being kids and make messes or what ever but its worth taking a breath and laughing whith them. Thank you for posting this

Christy said...

Im glad you liked the post, Ambyland. One day at a time, right?

Gaby said...

What if you did and then blogged to tell us how it's going and gave us your secrets to success and then we all try it?! What if we try this together and we encourage each other and remind each other?!

Let's do it!

Christy said...

Sounds like a plan, Gaby!! I'm on board, I think it will go better if I'm not trying this alone!

April said...

love...perfect love casts out fear and when fear is gone we are free! This is what has been on my mind lately about love and all your what ifs, I was saying amen, amen as I read. Thank you friend!

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