Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - May 16-22

This is going to be a super basic week.

We've decided to get absolutely insane and go on our first post-4th-baby camping trip this weekend.  That's right.  We're packing up the three big boys and our 6-month-old daughter and hitting the beach for two days.  FunDad says the waves will be good, so he can fit in a little more surfing than usual.  And what kids don't love the beach all day and all night?  And the baby is just the right age to sit on the sand and eat it.  What mom doesn't love watching that!??

We're staying pretty local.  Going to a beach about an hour away.

I'm keeping food pretty simple.  I'll make a little plan and let you know how it went.  Now for our week (the camping menu starts on Friday eve and goes through Sunday afternoon).

beans and rice (I've had this on the menu for about three weeks now and haven't made it, but today is the day!)
green salad

tacos at Grammys
corn on the cob

Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic
garlic bread

Meaty Skillet Lasagna (The Best One Dish Suppers cookbook)

pigs in a blanket (cooked over the campfire)

beef and bean burritos (I think I'll cook the meat at home, that sounds easiest)


I plan to make granola, and maybe cinnamon biscuits to take camping. 

Last week I tried two new recipes from my new cookbook, The Best One-Dish Suppers.  They were phenomenal and pretty fast.  The beef taco bake was delicious, I made a 13x9 pan and there were only enough leftovers for one serving.  I had a little "flash-forward" to when all three of my boys are big.  Wow.  That's going to take a lot of food.  We'll need to up our food budget significantly.  Luckily, we have a bit of time.

Anyway, that's our week.  Here's a blank menu plan if you'd like to print it up and make your own plan:

Blank Menu-scribd Edition

I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo excited to have found your site. I am a mama needing to become FUN. I googles Fun Moms and you came up. I have read several of your posts in the last half hour. I know I should be doing fun with my kids, but I am glad to have found you and I look forward to stopping by again.

Lacey said...

Ooo camping! Letting your baby eat sand! That is SO fun mom. :) I'm jealous, I'm sure you guys will have a great time!

Christy said...

So glad you found me, gotjoy3, I'm in the middle of re-vamping everything - so hopefully you'll notice "fun" changes over the next couple weeks

@Lacey, yes, you should come out for one of the days!!! It would be sooo sooo FunMom then.

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